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Here are a couple of fun things concerning my upcoming book Hidden City for this Friday.


Thanks, once again, to illustrator Amy Schimler-Safford for posting clips from the art for Hidden City. View her post by clicking here.


And, Publisher’s Weekly included Hidden City in their Spring 2018 preview post! Look under the publisher’s name (Eerdmans) for the one-sentence blurb. Click here to visit their post.




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Getting Unstuck

19990274_449735185424887_1900573782951226455_nI spent part of my birthday this year working on a new project at one of my favorite  spots in Boston– the New England  Aquarium! Sometimes, the best way for me to get unstuck on a manuscript is a small switch– from cursive to print handwriting, notebook to loose paper, one pen to another. Anything that makes the manuscript look different can give me just that little bit of distance needed to find what needs to be fixed. Sometimes I change the font or spacing on the computer, or change the paper orientation from portrait to landscape. And sometimes, I head outside to a different place that helps me be in a different mindset. On this particular project, I was frustrated every time  I opened my notebook. So, I went to a place that makes me happy. And, sure enough, once the frustration was gone, the words flowed out. Thanks, Aquarium!

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Oh happy day! My picture book of poetry on city ecology, HIDDEN CITY, is slated to be published in Spring 2018, and I have sneak peeks to share with all of you!

The talented Amy Schimler-Safford is the illustrator for HIDDEN CITY, and she’s been posting sneak peeks of her work on her blog. (Thank you Amy, for both the sneak peeks and your beautiful art!) So now, I present to you a roundup of her HIDDEN CITY art posts. From what I can tell, this will be a gorgeous book. Thank you so much to our publisher, Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, for making an excellent illustrator-author match.

In the coming days/weeks, I will be giving other updates and some poetry book reviews for Poetry Month. But, right now,  it’s all about the art. Enjoy!




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A Book Deal!

It’s official! My board book, tentatively titled STRIPE, SPOT, SQUIGGLE, has been purchased by The Creative Company. I am thrilled that it has found such a wonderful home! STRIPE, SPOT, SQUIGGLE features the lovely art of Miriam Nerlove and lots of sea creatures. Thanks to my agent, Anna Olswanger, who made this book a possibility.


Check out the latest issue of Publisher’s Weekly Children’s Bookshelf. There we are, down at the bottom in the Rights Report section! Click here to see the official announcement!


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28954214OCTOPUSES ONE TO TEN, written by Ellen Jackson and illustrated by Robin Page, is a fun nonfiction book that explores the wonders of my favorite animal… the octopus! The core text is rhyming couplets that count up to ten using octopus facts. The couplets act as teasers to hook the reader’s interest in finding out more– and the fact paragraphs that accompany each couplet are engaging and clear. The backmatter is wonderful, and includes both more facts about octopuses and octopus craft activities.  The illustrations are colorful and  action packed. And, the information in the book is fascinating! Even if you’re already a fan of octopuses, you are likely to learn something new when you read this book.


In short, OCTOPUSES ONE TO TEN is a fabulous nonfiction book to read aloud, to give a child who is beginning to read nonfiction on their own, and to add to your library. I hope you find a copy, and enjoy it as much as I do.

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Today is a day of worldwide action for #NODAPL in support of the water protectors. The easement to drill will be granted today. Wherever you are in the world, here are a few actions you can take today:

1) If you have an account in a bank that supports the Dakota Access Pipeline, divest! Don’t let your money be part of building the pipeline.

2) Send prayers and light energy to the water protectors. We have been told that they are felt, appreciated, and very much needed at this time.

3) Help support the medics that keep the water protectors safe. We will be sending both natural remedies and money for trauma kits this Friday. To contribute, please send donations to my paypal at sarahgtuttle@yahoo.com , and tell me if you want your money used for trauma kits or natural remedies. Our group has already sent over $7000 worth of donations over the course of 5 shipments to Standing Rock medics. Let’s see how much we can add to that effort this time!

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For Poetry Friday today, I wrote my own version of “St. Patrick’s Rune.” (Thanks to Violet Nesdoly for hosting!):


On this day and in this hour,

I place a book with all its power,

between myself and the powers of darkness.


Here is a book with power:


A THOUSAND NIGHTS by E. K. Johnston — A young woman is motivated by love of her sister to survive in the face of a beast that thrives on fear. She is strong, and magical, and has the strength and will to fight tyranny. The prose is so beautiful that you want to read it aloud. The book is so wonderful that you can’t put it down– but you’ll wish you could, just to make it last a little bit longer. Also, it’s a completely reimagined version of the tale of Scheherezade, so it is set in an Arab fantasy setting. It acknowledges the presence of scientists in the ancient Arab world, and touches upon some of their works. And, the cover is pretty.

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